PNW Haunts & Homicides

Cal Coburn Brown - 2

February 07, 2023 Episode 96
PNW Haunts & Homicides
Cal Coburn Brown - 2
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Show Notes

Episode 96 concludes the two-part case series on Cal Coburn BrownHe terrorized a woman in Palm Springs before confessing to another brutal crime in Seattle.  Finally we are back to normal with your regularly scheduled tarot programming.  We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.  If you want more creepy content, and the occasional benefit of receiving sooner than everyone else, become a member of the Patreon or a subscriber on Apple Podcasts!

If you haven't checked out True Crime Binge already don't forget!  We talked with Bob Ruff (of True Crime Binge) and while everyone was waiting on their weekly dose of tarot we did a reading for him on his show!

This week we shared a promo for Espooky Tales!

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