PNW Haunts & Homicides

Sexually Sadistic Serial Killer in Salem

January 03, 2023 Episode 91
PNW Haunts & Homicides
Sexually Sadistic Serial Killer in Salem
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Show Notes

We bet the New Year has you feeling motivated to make 2023 a fantastic trip around the sun. You may even feel a bit nostalgic. So this week we brought you a case that feels like a dark, creepy time capsule from none other than Salem, Oregon's capital city. You'll likely recall some familiar names, like DA Chris Van Dyke and Randall Woodfield a.k.a The I-5 Killer. For a moment you might even be tempted to think that the Green River Killer could make a disturbing cameo. Never heard of William Scott Smith? Well that's hardly a surprise. When it comes to his crimes or his background - mediocre white man alert.  We've brought this somewhat lesser known case back to the surface - because the young, vibrant young women are indeed worth pausing to remember.  Another Salem case to check outDamn Salem you scary! 😱

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