PNW Haunts & Homicides

The Duplicitous Dumbass Duo Thanksgiving Tacoma Double Homicide

November 22, 2022 Episode 85
PNW Haunts & Homicides
The Duplicitous Dumbass Duo Thanksgiving Tacoma Double Homicide
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Show Notes

This week we brought you a bit of a mixed bag episode.  We promise it will be less awkward than your family dinner Thursday though, well probably.  Speaking of Thursday we also have a little surprise planned for you creepy people in preparation for the long, holiday weekend.  We know there are many reasons to be thankful.  Getting to do a tarot reading for this podcast every week is just one of them for us.  As you listen to this week's episode we wanted to remind you that for every case that is solved whether we find resolution quickly, or years later, there are many more that we just don't have answers for.  Nancy's case is a true crime case that allows us to savor justice.  That's why we're thankful for dumb criminals.  We're also sharing Tacoma Double Homicide - Unsolved Case as well and frankly finally solving that as well would be like the Cool Whip on holiday pie

This week we're sharing a Promo for Spooky Spouses.

You can find information about the Tacoma Thanksgiving Double Homicide - Unsolved Case at these hyperlinks.  As promised link #1 the video with the latest press release #2.

A $1000 cash reward was offered for information leading to an arrest in the case by Crime Stoppers.  If you believe you have any information about the case please call 1-800-222-TIPS and of course we’ll include that in the show notes as well.

We’ve received updates from listeners in those instances before, like in the case of Duane Samples way back from Episode 11.

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for sources on the Nancy Bergeson Case
for sources Tacoma Thanksgiving Double Homicides Unsolved Case

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