PNW Haunts & Homicides

Creepy People Chronicles - Volume 2

July 26, 2022 PNW Haunts & Homicides Episode 68
PNW Haunts & Homicides
Creepy People Chronicles - Volume 2
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Show Notes

We’re so excited to share more stories from our creepy fam! We start with a very sweet update from Volume 1. 🌈 Next, we hear about Kyle’s spooky experience with a Rainier Beer loving spirit, while working at The Rialto in Portland, Oregon. 🍺 👻 Mixed with a small dose of building history from Cassie. Then Caitlyn reads Kalee’s heartbreaking #maybebundy story, that gave us some serious chills…

The Century Plaza Documentary

We're excited to share a promo for Serial Sistaaas!

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