PNW Haunts & Homicides

Kirby D. Anthoney - Part 2 STILL sucks

May 24, 2022 Episode 59
PNW Haunts & Homicides
Kirby D. Anthoney - Part 2 STILL sucks
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Show Notes

This week we're digging a bit deeper into Kirby Anthoney's crimes.  We'd really rather not.  We just celebrated our one year podiversary but, of course, we have to come back and finish this horrific case up.  We'll cut to the chase, there's not a single redeeming feature or fact in the case to be found on his behalf.  Last week we talked briefly about his early life and the horrific crimes he commit in his home state of Idaho before moving to Alaska.  There, in Anchorage, the triple homicide in the Newman family home would truly show the culmination of his cruelty at its absolute worst.  Kirby’s horrifically violent acts and his flair for the dramatic stand out, but thankfully, even in early days of a pioneering new forensic science, so did his DNA.  Forensic Files also covered this case, but we should warn you that some of the images included in the episode, while partially blurred are still somewhat graphic.  Viewer discretion now doubly advised.  If a PG-13 re-enactment style version is more your speed you can find the episode on YouTube by the FBI Files

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