PNW Haunts & Homicides

Kirby D. Anthoney - This Model Sucks

May 17, 2022 Episode 58
PNW Haunts & Homicides
Kirby D. Anthoney - This Model Sucks
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Show Notes

Kirby Anthoney might be one of the most dangerous and inconceivably violent criminals that you’ve probably never heard of.  Though he was born just two days before Christmas he was certainly no gift to anyone that crossed his path.  He commit horrible crimes in his home state of Idaho before his eventual arrest for a vicious attack against his own family, resulting in his 357 year sentence behind bars.  The triple homicide in the Newman home was so brutal it mangled a marriage as well as family bonds to the point of no return, and devastated Anchorage’s local community & law enforcement.  We revisit Chilkoot Charlie’s from Episode 31 where we discussed Joshua Wade’s homicides that also took place in Anchorage.  Kirby’s horrifically violent acts stand out, but thankfully, even in early days of a pioneering new forensic science, so did his DNA.  Forensic Files covered this case, but we should warn you the pics while partially blurred are still somewhat graphic.  

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