PNW Haunts & Homicides

Episode 54: The Man from the Train

April 19, 2022 Episode 54
PNW Haunts & Homicides
Episode 54: The Man from the Train
Show Notes

This week we're gallivanting all across the countryside, well kinda.  This case, this book - all bonks cuckoo-bananz!  We'll talk about some of the well known suspects in the Hill Family Murders as well as some other crimes.  But who is the man from the train?  And did he do it?

This Case Series:
Part 1 - Episode 53: The Many Mysteries of the Ardenwald Axe Murders
Part 1.5 - Episode 53.5: Ardenwald - Odd Men Held as Murder Suspects
Part 2 - Episode 54: The Man from the Train
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